Monday, July 11, 2016

Treason Defenders Demand Special Treatment for Treason's President

Again, class:  The Civil War was about slavery, according to the writings of secession leaders at the time, and nothing but slavery; secession was Treason in Defense of Slavery, and confederates then and now are Traitors in Defense of Slavery.

Kentucky should be ashamed that Treason's President was born inside our borders.

Jack Brammer at the Herald:

A group known as The Friends of the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site is seeking a military designation for the controversial Davis statue in the Capitol Rotunda — a move that would make it more difficult to remove the statue from the Capitol.

State curator Leslie Nigels of Louisville and Steve Collins, chairman of the state Historic Properties Advisory Commission, said Thursday they do not know the group and are studying implications of giving the statue a military designation.

Ed Georgen, president of the citizens group from Lyon County, acknowledged in a telephone interview that the designation would require the advisory commission to get approval from the Kentucky Military Heritage Commission before ever moving the statue.

Currently, the advisory commission has sole legal authority in overseeing the statues in the Capitol. Last August, it voted 7-2-1 to keep the Davis statue in the building.

A debate has raged in Kentucky for years about whether the statue of the president of the Confederacy in the Civil War should be displayed just outside the governor’s office.


Several Kentucky politicians, including now Gov. Matt Bevin, House Speaker Greg Stumbo and Senate President Robert Stivers, advocated moving the Tennessee marble likeness of Davis, who was born in Kentucky, to the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort or to the Jefferson Davis Historic Site in Todd County.

The issue never came up in this year’s state legislative session.

Raoul Cunningham, president of the Kentucky State Conference and Louisville chapter of the NAACP, said the commission “whitewashed” the issue and promised that debate about the statue’s location would continue.

Cunningham said Thursday it would be a mistake for the historic properties advisory commission to allow the military heritage commission to have a say in whether the statue should ever be removed.
“We would oppose giving the Davis statue the military designation this citizens’ group is seeking,” he said.

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