Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bevin Attacks Fake Problem By Making Real Problem Worse

So Governor Pants-Shitter asks his overworked, underpaid, about-to-lose-their-pensions state workers to do his fucking job for him and find instances of "red tape" that he can then use to eliminate yet more state jobs and brag about saving money that he is actually wasting.

I'll just annotate this little missive with what I imagine a state employee might like to say to Kentucky's only guv:

Fellow Public Servant of Kentucky,
Stop right there, motherfucker.  You are not, never have been and never will be a "public servant." You're a freakazoid billionaire greedhead who thinks "public service" is getting serviced with public money.
This morning we are announcing a new initiative aimed at cutting red tape in government, and I am asking for your help.
There is no red tape in government.  That's a conservative shibboleth that the wingnuts have been bellowing since progressives first started making government work for people who weren't obscenely rich shitheels.
There are currently more than 4,500 administrative regulations in Kentucky. For decades, they have been put in place by state agencies to address problems, shortcomings, isolated issues or other matters state leaders deemed appropriate to regulate. 
Just 4,500?  When we need at least 10 times that number?  Every minute in this state, some private business is fucking over a Kentucky customer, resident, public building, public land, public waterway, public airspace or public investment.  And getting away with it because 4,500 regulations is not nearly enough to stop the raping.
Of those 4,500 regulations, approximately 15 percent have not been reviewed since 1974. They simply stay on the books, year after year, and regulators are required to enforce them.  This must change. 
What must change is adding more regulations to cover the countless attacks on the public purse and the public good by companies getting away with murder because they are so UNregulated.  
While some regulations are very necessary and protect the public safety, others can stifle economic growth, impose unnecessary costs on businesses and impede private sector investment. Our new Red Tape Reduction Initiative is an effort to review every regulation currently on the books. The goal is to eliminate those regulations deemed unnecessary or duplicative, simplify those considered too complex and judge each for intent and effectiveness. 
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  oh fuck stop you're killing me.  Because killing me and all my public-spirited friends for the profit of your billionaire friends is the one and only goal of eliminating regulations.
As a state employee, you have firsthand knowledge of regulations that are unnecessary, outdated, poorly written or too complex. This is your chance to help us identify those regulations and then help us do something about them.
What state employees have is heart attacks and strokes and stress-caused early death from trying desperately to hold this state together despite not having the regulations they need to do their jobs.
A website has been established, , where you can suggest regulations that should be reviewed. Periodic updates will also be available on the progress of this initiative.
Why don't you hang from a rope until there is a single "update" on this fake-ass "initiative?"
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response to this request.  I look forward to hearing from you.
No, you look forward to ignoring what I say and continuing to drag Kentucky down the Brownback Path to Haiti-dom.
With gratitude for your service,
Matt Bevin
No, no - fuck YOU very much.

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Victor said...

How about eliminating the Governor's office?
Especially while a conservative is in office?

He's not looking to surgically remove regulations.
He's more like the Texas Chainsaw Maniac, hacking everything that he sees!