Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are Your Local Candidates REAL Republicans?

Only if they've eaten, digested and pledged allegiance to the resulting shit of this:

GOP delegates last week approved a draft of the party platform so retrograde it seems to come from another century — and not necessarily the 20th.

The draft platform takes a particularly odious stance on social issues. The document proclaims that children of same-sex parents are more likely to become drug addicts and supports harmful “conversion therapy,” prompting the Log Cabin Republicans to declare it “the most anti-LGBT platform in the party’s 162-year history.” It also describes pornography as a “public health crisis” and calls for teaching the Bible in public schools. Meanwhile, it labels undocumented immigrants as “illegal aliens” and endorses Trump’s signature proposal, building a wall along the Mexican border.

Political candidates are, of course, not bound by their party’s platform. But as a measure of where the party as a whole stands — and a marker of the direction in which they are headed — platforms still matter. What the Republican platform says is that the party stands in proud opposition to equal rights and inclusion. Worse yet, it signals clearly that the party not only is committed to impeding progress but also, compared with four years ago, is actively moving backward.
In just seven weeks, Kentucky's election campaign for the General Assembly begins in earnest.  On the line is the slim Democratic majority in the state House.

A flip of just three seats out of 100 to the repugs would destroy the last defense standing against the slavering barbarians hordes in the state Senate and the Governor's Office.

The last defense between House Democrats and defeat is ... US. You and me.  All of us going to every campaign event we can find and demanding that repug candidates either pledge allegiance to the Talibantastical National Republican Party Platform and its leader the Orange Menace or resign from the Party and forfeit the election.

If they do pledge allegiance to that sewage of a platform, make sure everybody knows exactly what that means and rake the candidate over the coals for it.

This election is a gift, people.  Don't turn your backs on it.

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