Friday, July 22, 2016

"Unity" Exposed: Pro Bad Cops, Anti Justice

Short version: Governor Pants-Shitter's propaganda office promoted it. Any hope of "justice" got stomped to death under the combat boots of "Blue Lives Matter" and barely-disguised white supremacy.

People in shorts and sweat-stained T-shirts marched to the steps of the Kentucky Capitol alongside officers in uniform Thursday as they called for unity and showed their support for the police.

The violent deaths of law enforcement officials in Dallas and Baton Rouge this month, along with the most recent fatal shootings of black Americans by police officers, have renewed support for - and debate over - the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements.
Thursday's "Unity March" was organized "to help try to end the violence directed at everyone," said Frankfort City Commissioner John Sower, who helped organize it. The march received support from local law enforcement agencies and other groups as well as Gov. Matt Bevin, who announced that the Capitol building and the governor's mansion would remain lit in blue for the second night in a row as a tribute to police officers.
Read the rest if you've got a high gag threshold, but all you need to know is there. Blue and White Lives Are the Only Lives That Matter.

Same thing happened in Shelbyville Sunday afternoon: it was dominated by local elected officials demanding blind allegiance to the cops and using convenient quotes from the bibble to reinforce it.

You know who else cited scripture to keep black people in their place? Yep, Traitors in Defense of Slavery.  And they're still doing it today.

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