Monday, January 16, 2017

The Resistance: Record the Atrocities


This is a useful exercise. Amy Siskind is keeping a list of the weekly Trump atrocities on Facebook. Here's just this week.
This is by far the worse:
28. After Congress was briefed by Intelligence chiefs, Rep John Lewis said, "I don't see Trump as a legitimate president."
29. Next morning, Trump tweeted a disparaging attack on Lewis, on MLK weekend, saying he was all talk.
That would be this John Lewis:

Digby again:
Obviously Trump has no clue who John Lewis is or he's the last person he would say is "all talk." In fact, Trump saying that about anyone is insane, but to say it about a man who was beaten half to death fighting for civil rights is obscene. 
But our new president doesn't know that because he really doesn't know much of anything. He is an imbecile.
I think he does know who John Lewis is and leaped at the opportunity to smack down an uppity ni**er.

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