Saturday, January 14, 2017

Never Forget: The Cowardly Murder of 20 Million Americans by Repugs

Every repug but Rand Paul voted to deny health care to 20 million Americans.  Every Democrat voted to save affordable health care for everyone.

The amendments proposed by the Democrats and defeated by the Republicans were designed to put the majority on the wrong side of the most popular aspects of the law. It was really all they had left, but, in six months, when all those people who voted for the president-elect secure in the knowledge that he'd never do what he promised to do, discover that their pre-existing conditions suddenly matter again, the odds are that they will blame themselves or The Government or liberals or Barack Obama and nobody will remember how the mugging happened, and the rain will wash away the chalk outline of the victim from the sidewalk. And the death of the Affordable Care Act will become a cold case, an unsolved mystery mouldering in a pauper's grave.

ProPublica has an easily readable rundown of the details of the crime.
Think it doesn't matter to you?  Obamacare saved and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Is one of those yours?  Because it's gone now.  Obamacare brought billions of dollars into cash-strapped states, especially Kentucky.  That's gone, too.

And the death of the Affordable Care Act is 100 percent the complete and total fault of repugs.  All the repugs and nothing but the repugs.

Never forget. 

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