Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Resistance: Hit, Hit Harder and Keep Hitting

Yes, the ghost of the slave power made Trump president. But as Democrats need to say loudly and often, he was rejected by the voters. And he was rejected by the voters despite the bizarre decision by the mainstream media to savage Clinton pillar to post over trivial nonsense, the FBI putting its thumb on the scale, Wikileaks and very likely Russia ratfucking the DNC, etc. etc. And Trump is no longer running in implicit comparison to the she-demon who nearly destroyed America with her socialist and America-hating and neoliberal EMAILS. 
He’s on his own, and dealing with a Congress that wants to impose Coolidgenomics on a largely unsuspecting America. And while driving down Trump’s approval ratings can’t undo the election, it can make it harder for Republicans to pass stuff, make it easier for Democrats to maintain unity, and it increases the chances of Democratic success in 2018 and 2020.

Again, when it comes to opposing Trump I say let more or less every flower bloom — policy attacks and character attacks from every point on the left spectrum. Who knows what shiny object will attract the media? Hell, twice in 16 years the GOP has gotten presidential elections close enough to steal over fake quotes and email server management. Who knows what will resonate? See what sticks. Hit him on the ACA. Hit him on everything Ryan is trying to do. Hit him on his ongoing corruption. Hit him on his alleged sexual trysts in Moscow. Try everything that might work.

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