Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bugger All the Animals You Want in Kentucky, Except Pets

Yet another example of how the freakazoids are all about regulating sexytimes - except in those cases where religion interferes with corporate profits or gun freedumbs.

Also, where else are freakazoids kids going to get sex education if not the barn?

When neighboring Ohio last month enacted a law making bestiality a felony, it left Kentucky in the embarrassing position of being one of only nine states where having sex with animals is not a crime.
Now a Republican lawmaker from Richmond is trying to fix that – but with a catch.

House Bill 143 would ban the sexual assault of a pet dog or cat, but it wouldn’t address sex with other animals.

Dee Robinson of Kentucky Citizens Against Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence, who drafted the bill, said the omission in part is designed to avoid antagonizing hunters and farmers.

The former have opposed animal welfare bills for fear they could lead to a ban on hunting, while farmers have expressed concern they could run afoul of bestiality laws while artificially inseminating livestock, she said.

“We didn’t want to irritate the Kentucky Farm Bureau,” she said.
babby jeebus forbid.

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