Friday, January 27, 2017

Of Course the ManBaby Hates Regulations

Regarding the manbaby with the nuclear codes, this knee-jerk response to all government regulation as bad is just exactly what toddlers do.

They don't like rules that stop them from running out into traffic or exploring a neighbor's unattended pool or jumping off the roof to see if they can fly.  They don't like rules that make them eat their vegetables and wear heavy coats in cold weather and go to school.

But when they grow up they realize that those rules they hated actually kept them safe and healthy and educated.

Unless they are repugs and trumpians who never grow out of the infantile resentment of rules made to keep them safe and healthy and educated.
That's the big one, folks.  This legislation would allow corporate lobbyists the final say on which regulations they should be subject to.  In other words, the EPA, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, SEC, FDA and FCC?  The regulation they'd make would be rendered toothless.  They wouldn't be watchdog agencies to protect Americans, they'd be government industry groups designed to protect corporations.

The Bush administration made this the default before the Obama administration used these regulatory agencies for their intended purpose.  Now the GOP is changing their intended purpose by law to be nothing more than government industry advocacy groups, wholly subject to Congress.

Hopefully Senate Dems can block this with a filibuster, but I can think of a couple of Senate Dems would would be more than happy to destroy the EPA or the CFPA or to defang the FCC or FDA.  Don't count on them saving us from this.

We'll see where this legislation goes, but expect the shock and awe portion of the Trump regime in earnest in a couple weeks.  Things will move quickly after his inauguration, and America will be inundated by a deluge of GOP garbage like this.  I'm betting a healthy chunk of it will become law.

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