Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Real Crime and Actual Grounds for Impeachment

Every time we let this pass without screaming bloody murder normalizes it and brings closer the day when all "elected" officials will be expected to take bribes and do what the highest bidders demand.

On New Years Eve (Trump) held a party where people paid for the privilege of spending time with him. It wasn't a charity or a fundraiser. It was for Mar-a-lago his own club. The money went into his own pockets. People are paying to be in his presence. Like he's Kim Kardashian.

And some of his "guests" were foreign business partners. They are undoubtedly very excited to have the president of the United States doing business with them. It's likely going to be quite profitable for all concerned:

He is going to be running the business out of the white house. That is completely obvious. He's simply unable to extricate himself from it and the temptation to swing his clout around as president to "do deals" for the family business is much to great for him to resist.

And, short of impeachment, I don't think there's anything to be done. The Republicans are fine with it, his own voters think it's terrific for the president to pillage the country as long as it's their president and the people who are normally up in arms about "elite" corruption seem to be rather blase about this. Lord knows, the FBI couldn't care less. So here we are. Just making note of it and moving on.

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