Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not Denying Reality, Just Their Own Racism

This is why they won't care when he takes away their health insurance.  They won't care when he fails to create jobs.  They won't care when he doesn't build a wall.  They won't care when he unleashes Wall Street to steal their last dimes.  They won't care when he ushers in a permanent recession.  They won't care when he starts a nuclear war.

As long as he frees police to shoot ni**ers and spics in the streets, rounds up muslins and messicans and makes liberals cry, he's the greatest president ever to them.

In the weeks following the election, the supporters of the candidate who lost the election (but won the popular vote) were treated to a whole series of lectures about their need to empathize with the supporters of the candidate who won. That always struck me as the opposite of what happened after the 2008 election. But that’s simply a casual observation.

Today, Daniel Dale (the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star) is on the streets of DC interviewing Americans who support the president-elect enough to travel to his inauguration. Specifically, he’s asking them what they like about Trump. I have to admit, I’m frankly blown away by their answers.
Michelle Arnett, of Tennessee, thinks Trump will bring back jobs. She was laid off in a clothing-plant closure she attributes to NAFTA. pic.twitter.com/55KVTAJ5m2

Rick Gardner, a Christian minister in Arizona, says he most likes Trump's honesty - "truly a man of his word" - and his selflessness. pic.twitter.com/ca2vETlWLG

Dennis Poer, painter in Illinois, says tomorrow is the "greatest event in American history." He loves Trump's honesty. pic.twitter.com/kpdwEFYl0D

Rhonda Pearce, homemaker in North Carolina, most admires that Trump is always willing to admit he was wrong after he misspeaks. pic.twitter.com/Mdg8FOFZ0Y

Tyrus and Ashley Cobb, of Indiana, like that Trump is a man of faith who will bring Godliness back. They wish he'd stop tweeting.
You can see more examples on Dale’s Twitter feed.
These look like really nice people. But I seem to live in a completely different reality than the the one they inhabit, and have no idea how they reached these conclusions about Donald Trump that are the opposite of what I believe to be true. This goes way beyond political differences on policy issues to something much more fundamental about how we perceive the world. I’m not sure that even empathy can bridge that divide.
Nothing can bridge the divide, Nancy, but the divide is not about perception of reality.  The divide is racism.  Every single one of them voted for the guy who fed their rage against that ni**er in the white house.  Everything they say is cover to hide the racism.

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