Tuesday, January 3, 2017

No, Democrats Do Not Need These Racist Motherfuckers. Ever.

Seriously, this desperate move by national DINOs to seek the votes of trumpies just because they are white and rural is just about the most racist move by a national party since the GOP invited KKK Democrats to join them back in 1964.
And it's going to fucking kill us. 
Meanwhile, repugs across the country are illegally and unconstitutionally preventing millions of loyal Democratic voters from voting because they are too poor or too black/brown or too college student or just too obviously Democratic.  Those are the voters who gave Hillary Clinton a historic landslide ... in a world where the Democratic Party cared about them.
I've talked about Elkhart, Indiana and its unemployment issues several times on the blog over the years as President Obama made one of his first visits as President to the city's hard-hit RV manufacturing industry in order to assure the American people that he was going to help the country. 


To recap: the RV industry is doing better than it ever has.  It's doing better than it did under Bush.  Unemployment has gone from 22% to under 4%.  And that doesn't matter because Obama is black and these racist assholes hate him for it and will never, ever give a black man credit for helping them.


These assholes will tell themselves anything to believe that their town wasn't saved by the ni-CLANG! and when Trump wrecks the economy once again, they'll blame Obama for it and re-elect Trump just so they can be right.

But remember, Democrats have to win these guys back.  We have to look the other way on racism or we'll never win in places like Indiana or Ohio or Kentucky again. Democrats have to compromise and change, not them.

Let me know how that works out.  I'm not doing it.
Me either, Zandar.  And fuck every DINO who does.

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