Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Resistance: Working for 2018

Deadline to file for 2018 elections in Kentucky - congress, all 100 state reps and 19 of the 38 state senators - is January 30, 2018.  Way too fucking early, I know, which is why we've got to get our asses in gear right fucking now.  We've got 13 months to recruit candidates to take back the Kentucky House before Bevin and his repugs destroy the state completely, and get at least one congressional repug out.

Blue America hasn't spent precious time since the election asking you to sign petitions for impractical symbolic appeals to the electoral college, or to waste your money on an un-winnable, pointless Senate race in Louisiana.

We are very focused on what can be done-- politically-- to break the back on Trumpism. And that focus is, clearly, taking back the House in 2018.

If Trump and Ryan do half the damage they promise, even an incompetent DCCC won't be able to keep the two dozen seats that need to change hands from flipping; effectively putting the brakes on Trumpism.

Blue America is working daily to recruit solid progressive candidates in districts from coast the coast. You can follow-- and support-- the results of our progress here.

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solarity said...

Whatever your doing, just keep on doing it. With the same leaders in place, the DNC can only continue to decline. The Pelosi era has been a remarkable gift to conservatives and she seems to be in the mood to continue giving! Very sorry to see Harry Reid go as he was also an old warhorse completely out of ideas and very helpful to the repubs. Thank god he gave us the nuclear option. But Chuck Shumer will save the day for you guys won't he!

Clearly you are a poor loser but you should really look into some anger management therapy.

Trump is a 20 ton bulldozer moving fast and bearing down on everything you hold dear. Should be great fun. With high-energy Trump, 4 years should just about be sufficient to completely drain the swamp. God this is going to be fun to watch!!

Don't worry, I will not take offense when you refuse to post this. You are a shouter, not a debater and don't really have any interest in hearing from the other side. But I read your blog regularly anyway just because your over-the-top fire breathing anger over Trump is quite amusing to watch. Keep up the good work!