Saturday, December 24, 2016

How Repugs Destroy Public Goods

They've been doing it for five decades: scream lies about high taxes, incite hatred against poor and minority communities and blame the "government" their own voters depend on. Repugs get elected, trash the place, leave it for Democrats to clean up, then point to the cleanup costs and scream more lies.  
But the GOP never does anything that's not at least a twofer. Privatization — of roads and water systems, for example, or public schools via charter expansion — is not just about converting "We the People" assets into private profits for cronies. It's about disrupting the income streams of Democratic-leaning city governments. The goal is to weaken them politically, stripping them of revenue by creating a slow-rolling economic crisis that will force cities to either raise taxes or slash services or both, allowing Republicans in a few years to argue, See, see how badly Democrats have handled your economy? Elect us and we'll show you how it's really done.

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