Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Repug Alternate Reality

This is not new with trumpy.  It's been common since at least ronnie "tree cause pollution" and "welfare queens driving cadillacs" ray-guns.  Not to mention ol' "if the president does it it's not illegal."

Steve Benen accurately notes the Republican’s “alternate reality.”
GOP leaders said Obama’s auto rescue wouldn’t work; his Recovery Act wouldn’t end the Great Recession; his health care reform law would crush the job market; and his tax increases would push the economy towards another recession. None of these things happened in reality, and Republicans managed to get the entire story backwards.
But instead of explaining how and why they were wrong, Pence and Ryan have decided to simply make up their own story, claiming that the job market has been “crushed” and “killed” by White House policies.
Chances are, they’ll continue to embrace their own alternate reality because the electorate has rewarded their failures with complete control of federal policymaking. It’ll be the first time Republicans have enjoyed such dominance since the Bush/Cheney era – which also happens to be the last time Americans saw a healthy economy deteriorate into an economic catastrophe.

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