Friday, December 9, 2016

Lessons From North Carolina on Beating Bevin

Call out the motherfucker for fucking mothers. Protest. Protest Louder.  Get Arrested Protesting. Never Stop.

* Pat McCrory has finally conceded in the North Carolina Governor’s race. Tom Jensen tells the story about how the opposition organized to defeat him.
Pat McCrory’s now official defeat in the race for Governor of North Carolina has real implications for the progressive movement nationally in the era of Trump.
The dominant reason given for McCrory’s defeat will be the unpopularity of HB2, and certainly that played an important role. In August we found that only 30% of voters in the state supported it, and that McCrory’s handling of the issu
e made them less likely to vote for him by a 12 point margin. If he’d vetoed it, he very well might have been reelected.
But the seeds of McCrory’s defeat really were planted by the Moral Monday movement in the summer of 2013, just months after McCrory took office…
What happened in the summer of 2013 to make McCrory so permanently unpopular? He allowed himself to be associated with a bunch of unpopular legislation, and progressives hit back HARD, in a way that really caught voters’ attention and resonated with them…

McCrory spearheaded or went along with all of this. And he might have gotten away with it without much impact on his image. Most voters don’t pay close attention to state government.
But the Moral Monday movement pushed back hard. Its constant visibility forced all of these issues to stay in the headlines. Its efforts ensured that voters in the state were educated about what was going on in Raleigh, and as voters became aware of what was going on, they got mad.

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