Friday, December 16, 2016

Gov. Trump-Lover Appointments Yet Another Corporate Creep to Fuck Up State Government

You know what would happen if every single corporate executive on earth - starting with the ones currently committing mass casualty event while masquerading as public servants - were loaded onto rockets and fired into the sun?

Lots of good.  Businesses would be run by the workers who actually do the work instead of playing games with stock prices and people's lives. Governments would be staff and run by people who have the education, experience and enthusiam about public service to actually be good public servants.
And we wouldn't be under attack by nonsense like this:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 14, 2016) - Gov. Matt Bevin today announced the appointment of Terry R. Gill, Jr. as Secretary of the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. 
The Cabinet is the primary state agency responsible for encouraging new jobs and investment in the state. Gov. Bevin says Gill is the right choice to help lead the Commonwealth to new heights.
“Kentucky is poised for unparalleled success in the years ahead,” said Gov. Bevin. “Thanks to a new pro-business majority in the legislature and our focus on eliminating bureaucratic red tape, Kentucky is becoming more business-friendly by the day. Terry brings integrity, business competence and a passion for economic development that will foster a stronger environment for job creation in every region of Kentucky. The Commonwealth is on track to becoming the undisputed engineering and manufacturing hub of excellence in America.”
Gill most recently served as President of OneTouchPoint, a $140MM marketing services organization. He was responsible for growth and M&A initiatives resulting in the creation of the largest privately held marketing services and technical printing company in the region. 
Prior to OneTouchPoint, Gill served as the Vice President of EnterpriseCorp, the arm of Greater Louisville Inc., which is focused on increasing the number of high potential companies headquartered in the Louisville and Southern Indiana market. Before coming to EnterpriseCorp, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of FetterGroup.  
Gill holds a BA degree in Marketing with a Minor in Economics from the University of Kentucky. In addition to his charitable and civic involvement, he is a Board Member and serves on the Investment Committee for AccessVentures, a Louisville based impact investment firm.
Government is not a business.  It is pretty much the opposite of a business, in that it is supposed to be operated for the good of all the people, not just the good of the owners.

Government doesn't seek to make a profit; it works to improve the lives of all of its citizens.

All the abominations of government - budget cutting, deregulation, tax cutting, corruption - are the effluent of corporate influence. 

Taxes, as Oliver Wendell Holmes said, are what we pay for civilized society. When corporations and the rich demand their already scandalously low toxes be cut even further, they are saying they don't want to be part of a civilized society that includes everyone.

Fine. Ship them all to Somalia.  No taxes there.

Trump-taint-licker Bevin is a member and tool of the money power.  He and his corporate cronies have no place in any government.

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