Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not How It Works

I wish I were confident that future historians will treat this with the horror and contempt that it deserves, but I'm still waiting for historians to do that with Ronnie Raygun.

Digby on ill presidente's announcement that he will not throw Hillary Clinton in jail for not being corrupt.

So our dictator-elect is benevolent after all.
The government didn't used to work this way, of course.  BT (before Trump) presidents didn't "decide" whether to prosecute their former rivals. But apparently they do now. And when they decide not to do it, those who followed the former rivals are to be grateful and worshipful that he decided to heal the nation rather than doing what he promised to do. Thank you oh benevolent President Trump!

At least that's what they're saying. Rudy Giuliani smirked through an interview in the lobby of Trump tower this morning, saying that he thinks Clinton voters should take another look at Trump now that he's shown his generosity --- by saying he's not going to do something that he never had the authority to do and which law enforcement said wasn't criminal in the first place. 

KellyAnne Conway went further and said Trump wasn't just trying to heal the nation, he was trying to help Hillary Clinton heal:

She is the worst person in the world. And so are all the people who chanted "lock her up" like a bunch of slavering, witch-hunting monsters. It was one of the most sickening displays of a sickening campaign. Trump said he'd put her in jail --- to her face --- in the presidential debate. He gets no moral credit for saying he won't pursue it now.

As someone said to me on twitter, this is classic abuser behavior: "why do you make me hurt you, baby? But hey, I didn't kill you so it's all good, amirite? Now go make me dinner."

I don't think I have ever loathed these people more than I do right now.  And, buhlee me, that's saying something.

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