Saturday, December 3, 2016

HaHa! Oh, those crazy scientists. What kidders they are.

Brush up on your landscaping skills, y'all: there's no place for you in the post-trumpian dystopia.

James Bruggers at the Courier:

At least 15 Kentucky scientists – several of them from Louisville – have joined 2,300 other scientists from across the country in signing a letter to President-elect Donald Trump urging him to rely on science as a key input for crafting public policy.

The letter, posted on the website of the Union of Concerned Scientists, is also addressed to the incoming Congress. It asks these political leaders to make sure "science continues to play a strong role in protecting public health and well-being." From disease outbreaks to climate change to national security to technology innovation, people benefit when our nation’s policies are informed by science unfettered by inappropriate political or corporate influence," the letter says, while also calling for scientists to be able to do their jobs "without fear of reprisals or retaliation."

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