Tuesday, December 9, 2014

They Knew It Was Wrong When They Did It

Gee, if only some powerful country had already - maybe seven decades ago - established the principle that "I was just following orders" is not an acceptable excuse for torture.


Nobody's family deserves to be targeted and the government should protect them from harm if they are. But I  do not buy the excuse that the people who did this were just doing what they were told and bear no responsibility.  They could have said no.  Nothing terrible would have happened to them if they had.  And if they had resisted this program would likely not have gone forward.

I sincerely don't wish that any of these people become victims of violence. But there needed to be a reckoning for this hideous, immoral policy and this is the inadequate, weaselly way we've come up with.  It would be nice if I believed it would shock the consciences of Americans so much that they would insist it never happen again but from the looks of it, that's not going to happen.  After tomorrow, the Republican Party (and some Democratic hawks who operate out of fear and intimidation) are going to be officially pro-torture.

We will be fighting about this for a long time to come unfortunately.  And these operatives who could have said no bear some responsibility for that as well.

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