Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Somebody Ask Andy Beshear Who's Bought Him Today

Because somebody who thinks Andy's going to win the election for Attorney General next year probably has.

Charlie Pierce:

This is smooth and edgeless corporate fascism in its classic sense -- a marriage of government and industry that is so tightly consummated that the former is entirely indistinguishable from the latter. The interests of corporate influence and of government power are brought into such close cooperation with each other that their interests correspond to each other personally. Ever since the birth of this bright baby Blog, we've pointed out that the real action -- the real work of converting a self-governing republic into a seamless corporate oligarchy -- is being done in the states, where politicians can be purchased more cheaply, and where the infrastructure of the corruption on the national level is developed. This is where rookie politicians learn how to peddle their influence legally, and where the real power lies, and to whom they owe their allegiance and, therefore, their careers.

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