Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I TOLD You to Fire All the White Cops, But You Didn't Listen

Now they've got total immunity to do whatever they want.


But this just sounds like blackmail to me:
We should all be concerned about the reaction our police officers will have. I have seen times when police bashing has resulted in officers doing the minimum necessary to complete their tours and go home safely to their families.
Those officers need to find other jobs. If they are unable to act in a professional manner, "keep calm and carry on" in the face of criticism then they really are far too delicate to be cops. Imagine how agitated and flustered they must get in dangerous situations?

This very much reminds me of the CI and NSA whining constantly that if they have to follow laws, rules and norms and submit themselves to any kind of accountability they will be so reluctant to do their jobs we'll all be killed in our beds and it will be our own fault. Again, blackmail --- either let us do whatever we want and don't ask us any questions or the country gets it.

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