Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How Race-Hate is the Source of Liberal-Hate

I have a very difficult time accepting that white cops' claimed fear of unarmed black men is genuine and not your basic racist motherfucker lie, but Steve M makes a good case for it.  Read the whole thing, which concludes:

I think the evil-black-superman myth is the template for all of this.

I've long felt that, since the days of Reagan, conservatives have thrived by modifying the "Southern strategy" demonization of blacks -- the demons now include Democrats, liberals, college professors, Hollywood stars, feminists, gay people, immigrants, and other groups. The rhetoric frequently circles back to race, of course -- especially, needless to say, while we have a black president -- but the same basic anger is stoked when the top Democrat is Bill Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

I'm sticking with that theory. Race hate is the root of this, and often enough we get it in pure form. But the right can create other all-powerful evil demons as well. We'll see that again before you know it. And no, I have no idea how to diminish the visceral appeal of the idea that some people are just supernaturally evil.

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