Monday, December 15, 2014

The Most Horrible Reason of All

My theory is not as despicable as Charlie Pierce fears: I think they kept torturing because they were getting off on it.  The methods are just too similar to BDSM practices for coincidence.

I do not want to believe what I am about to write. I think it's possible that the barbarians in the White House tortured people in order to produce statements they could use to validate further their bullshit case for their bullshit war. Even I don't want to believe that we were ruled for eight years by that species of monster. If that is the case, however, somewhere at the CIA there's a memo, and somewhere there's somebody in a cubicle that knows where the memo is, and who knows the phone number of a reporter. I suspect the Christmas card list at the Cheney household will be lengthy for the next several decades.

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Ten Bears said...

That is exactly right: they got off on it.