Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Repugs Can't Budget Without Cheating


Republican lawmakers who have questioned the office’s analysis were unmoved. They agreed with calls from incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price for a new director who might introduce so-called dynamic scoring to CBO analysis.

Dynamic scoring is the idea that policy changes can induce significant macroeconomic effects, such as tax cuts partially paying for themselves. Democrats say the method is unproven and relies on too many assumptions.
"Dynamic scoring" is a thumb on the scales.  It's the intelligent design of budgeting. It's like demanding you get paid for the time you spend sleeping because that's recharging your batteries for work.

It's bullshit.  But it's the only way repugs can create a budget of gargantuan giveaways to the filthy rich and defense contractors that doesn't reveal a $100-trillion deficit.

Beth Ethier at Wonkette nails it.


Jack said...

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Ten Bears said...

Simply can't do anything without cheating