Thursday, February 13, 2014

When lettuce is $50 a bag, THEN will we ban fossil fuels?

That's not in 100 years or 20 years or next year: It's going to happen this summer.

Emily Atkin at Think Progress:
If what the tree rings say is true, California hasn’t been this dry in more than 500 years. If what the leading climate scientists say is true, that dryness will only get worse in the coming years. And if what economics predict is true, grocery bills nationwide may be some of the first things to suffer.

When conditions are ripe, California’s $44.7 billion agricultural industry is “the supermarket of the world,” producing nearly half of all the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in America. The most abundant source of produce comes from Central Valley — deemed “The Land of A Billion Vegetables” by the New York Times — which produces 8 percent of America’s agricultural output by value.

But now, Central Valley is the biggest victim of the state’s three-year drought. And there are no sign that things will get any better in the coming years.

“[It’s becoming] increasingly clear the region won’t see relief from the devastating drought anytime soon,” Kevin Kerr, editor of, told MarketWatch. “Retail prices for many key agricultural commodities could jump.”
 Drought in California, monster tornadoes in the Midwest, freak storms in the East: it's the new normal.

But it's still 100 percent reversible, if we outlaw fossil fuels. Right now. Because there is currently enough clean renewable energy (not biomass or ethanol) capacity on the planet to more than replace all the oil, coal and natural gas we are currently committing suicide with.

Fossil fuels are a decomposing corpse we cling to as it poisons us to death.

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