Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What System Will Let You Have the Most Votes?

Of all the outraged responses to the proposal from parasitic billionaire Tony Perkins to let rich people cast more votes, the best is PZ Myers' who asks why base votes on money. Why not on education, military service or the light-reflecting efficiency of your skin tone? How about your astrological sign? (Pisces rule!)
ALSO: Check out PERRspectives' depiction of how good it is right now for the 1%, in charts. Also, here's who pays what in taxes, based on percentage of income (source).
And Vixen Strangely at Rumproast sees an opportunity
I could envision a system where, by virtue of greed and the complicity of the hoi polloi, the wealthy could become disenfranchised by a tax law exempting the 1%-ers from all taxation. Followed by a brief and satisfying reign of terror in the exact year they lose all the votes.

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