Monday, February 24, 2014

Call Now to Stop the Bluegrass Pipeline

From the Bluegrass Blockade:

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW! This is a crucial time in the battle against the proposed Bluegrass hazardous liquids Pipeline that is being planned for Kentucky. We are the ones who have to stop it! It can not be constructed safely in Kentucky, especially in light of the recent Corvette Museum cave-in and explosion in Adair County. The entire state is a network of sinkholes, caves and underground streams-- it should be clear what would happen if a sinkhole opened under a hazardous liquids pipeline.  Further, there is no existing technology that can detect all leaks.  If and when this pipeline leaks, the Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi rivers will become contaminated.  Millions of people will be affected.

All that stands between the Bluegrass and this pipeline are the landowners who've refused easements thru their property. Bluegrass Pipeline developers say they have eminent domain rights to put the pipeline through and legislation is now being considered by Kentucky's state legislators that would clarify eminent domain law with respect to the Bluegrass Pipeline. The property rights of Kentuckians are at stake: eminent domain should only be invoked for public utilities or a project that is clearly for the public benefit. This project will not benefit Kentuckians. The Bluegrass Pipeline is not a utility and will carry natural gas liquids to the Gulf Coast for processing and export.


Calling the legislative hotline at 1-800-372-7181 and leaving a message for all state representatives and senators.

PLEASE CALL TODAY! Please ask for their support of House Bill 31 and Senate Bill 14. We need votes from every legislator in the state to pass the eminent domain bill.

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