Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Texas Celebrates Black History Month

by lynching a black man who dared to marry and sire children with a white woman.

Alfred Wright was a 28-year-old physical therapist, a “man of great faith,” and father of three sons. He grew up in Jasper, Texas along with four siblings, and a father who was both the town’s pastor and gym teacher. Friends described him as ambitious, clean-living, hard-working, fun-loving, brilliant and a wonderful father. He went missing for 18 days. He was found by volunteers and his father, stripped down to his shorts and one sock, with his throat cleanly slit and one ear missing.

The police recorded the cause of death as “accidental drug overdose.”

Alfred Wright was also a black man married to a pretty white woman…in small-town Texas.
But the real racists are liberals who accuse cry "racism" every time some ni**er dies of an overdose.

Those drugs that slit your throat are real killers, man.

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