Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Send Grimes A Democratic Warning: Vote for Greg Leichty in the Primary

Alison Lundergan Grimes is running a doomed repug-lite campaign against Mitch McConnell. Her virtually unknown primary opponents have no chance of denying her the Democratic nomination, but Democratic voters do have a chance of giving her a moment's second thought if we give enough votes to the most liberal of those primary candidates.

And if Greg Leichty gets enough votes in the primary to prove that Kentucky liberals are pissed off and vote, it might push Grimes enough to the left to attract the tens of thousands of disappointed Democratic voters who won't get off their asses for yet another repug running on the Democratic ticket.

The man is anti-banksters and pro-raising-minimum-wage.  He is anti-Citizens-United and anti-War-on-Drugs. He is pro-defense, pro-diplomacy and anti-stupid-war. He is skeptical of NSA spying, the Patriot Act and "free trade" agreements. He is for taxing the rich, protecting Social Security and Medicare, expanding the Affordable Care Act, and investing in infrastructure and research.

He accepts the reality of climate change, but undermines that position by calling for research into dry water (clean coal.)

And he apparently doesn't realize that half of Kentucky's population have vaginas, not penises, and are currently treated as sub-human under Kentucky law. But given Grimes' silence on the issue of reproductive rights, neither does she.

And compared to Alison, he's Bernie fuckin' Sanders.

Vote for Greg Leichty in the Democratic primary on May 20.  Then hold your nose and vote for Grimes on Nov. 4

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