Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Moocher Maps

Yep, looks like the people who are doing all the aborting and the gay-marrying and the science-teaching and the humanist-valuing and the Democratic-candidate-electing are the exact same dirty fucking liberal hippies doing all the working and money-making and carrying the conservative, racist, misogynist, homophobic, freakazoid asshole parts of the country.

Two data points today, side by side. First:


I'm no economic royalist, preaching about producers and parasites. I don't much care. I believe that we're all one big human species, and that every single human being on earth deserves basic dignity and economic protection.

But it's very, very tiresome to watch a bunch of delusional narcissists taking urban tax dollars to pay for their rural infrastructure and safety nets (most SNAP recipients are white, remember) elect a bunch of jokers to Congress who prevent the people who actually pay the bills from solving big problems like climate change, healthcare, privacy, wealth inequality, poverty, and financial corruption. All while whining that "those people" in big cities are stealing their hard-earned munnee from Real 'Murica.

A bunch of people in Texas and Dixie want to secede to shed liberal America from their more perfect union. Fine. Quietly, a lot of liberals are sharing the sentiment. If we as a nation can't get started on solving our real problems, those voices are going to start growing much louder.

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