Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Will Kentucky's "religious freedom" law protect child murderers like it does in Idaho?

Of course it will, and it's just the tip of the xian persecution complex iceberg.

This is what the freakazoids don't tell you when they are piously demanding to impose their Bronze Age authoritarian mythology on the rest of us: that granting them the right to ignore secular laws means a shitload of dead children.

From KATU in Oregon:

In 2010, jurors in Clackamas County convicted Jeff and Marci Beagley of letting their son Neal die of an untreated urinary tract infection.

KATU’s Dan Tilkin covered that story, as he has so many faith-healing stories. That’s why he traveled to Idaho to trace the connections between Followers members in both states, and a new trail of dead children.
A former member of the Followers of Christ advised him to go to Peaceful Valley and look for two specific names.

He found them. He found many more.


There’s at least one significant difference between the churches: When a child dies in Idaho due to lack of medical care, the parents aren’t breaking any laws.

“The state of Idaho has the religious shield laws to where you can just about murder your child in cold blood and claim religious exemptions and get away with it,” Martin said.

So many more names.

Of the 553 marked graves at Peaceful Valley Cemetery, 144 appear to be children under 18. That’s more than 25 percent.

Those deaths happened primarily in three different counties, which are manned by three different coroners who aren’t bringing the information to the public.

Very few people had a good idea how many children were dying until now. Linda Martin started a Facebook page to keep track of them. That’s still probably not a complete reckoning.

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