Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hardin Whores Bend Over for the Bluegrass Pipeline

Taking money to let someone fuck you is prostitution. Taking money to let someone fuck someone else who is dependent on you (like your constituents) is pimping. Crimes for which the Hardin County Fiscal Court should be in jail.

From the News-Enterprise:

Hardin Fiscal Court agreed to give the Bluegrass Pipeline easement access to county property in southern Hardin County.

The court approved an easement agreement Tuesday afternoon granting right-of-way access to 151 feet of property at county-owned Taylor Bend Park, which is southwest of Glendale off New Glendale Road.
The county will receive payment of $8,070 from the company for rights to access the land, according to the agreement.
Eight grand for surrendering your county's agricultural, economic and environmental future.  That's the equivalent of accepting five cents for performing a thousand-dollar blowjob.

Well done, Hardin Whores.

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