Sunday, November 24, 2013

"White Trash"

The new book by a Reichwing propagandist is getting a lot of attention for its condemnation of poor non-whites as "White Trash."
But the critics are missing the subtext: Racism. Not faux racism directed against whites, but real, old-fashioned, traditional racism aimed at African-Americans.
"White Trash" is nearly as racist as "ni**er." And I say that as someone who never used the latter word, but repeated the first phrase frequently most of my life.
"White Trash" is racist because it clearly distinguishes between un-specified "trash" and specifically white "trash." The implication being that non-whites are all automatically trash, but white people fall into separate categories of trash and non-trash.
Ever hear anybody say "black trash?" And you never will.  Because to a racist it is redundant.
When I was growing up in the south, "white trash" signified white people who were not just poor, but who specifically lived in a manner associated with the stereotype of black people: run-down and dirty homes, unemployment, drink and/or drugs, crime and promiscuity.
White Trash are despised not for their poverty or their particular personal failings, but for failing to uphold the tenets of White Superiority by living like the way whites like to think ni**ers live.
Every time I've tried to explain to a conservatard that there are more whites than blacks getting welfare, food stamps, public housing, etc., I get the same answer: "but those are white trash."
In other words, not real whites, but ni**ers.

"White Trash" is not an insult toward whites; it's just another put-down of blacks.

Fear and hatred of African-Americans is the fundamental characteristic of conservatives. Without that, they have no reason to exist.

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