Friday, November 1, 2013

Food Stamps vs. Hedge Funds

So the 24-fewer-meals-per-month new food stamp amount will run out just in time to prevent minimum-wage workers and their children from eating on Thanksgiving. Be sure to point that out to (or shove it violently down the throat of) any conservatard relatives you have to endure at your own Thanksgiving table on the 28th.


So, here you have someone who is working --- and her husband is working --- but they still don't have enough money to pay for food for their children. And yet the right wingers are still accusing them of being lazy and dependent and are determined to cut this program even more. And sadly I have no idea if the progressives in congress will get their act together to stop it. (They reluctantly voted for these cuts last time because it was the only way they could pay for healthy school lunches. That's what it's come down to.)

Meanwhile, just for kicks, let's take a trip across town and see how some of this lady's fellow New Yorkers are doing:


But Faclone’s hedge funds performed very well in 2012 after LightSquared bonds recovered and shares in his publicly-traded Harbinger Group, in which his hedge funds have a big position, soared. Since a big percentage of the assets managed by his hedge funds belong to him, Falcone made $250 million. See? It's not all bad news ...

This is the problem in a nutshell. We have working parents unable to pay for food for their children. And we have Wall Street titans scarfing up all the money and complaining that poor people aren't paying their fair share. It's always been this way to some extent. But up until now the big money boyz haven't felt the need to subvert democracy to the point that people must literally starve. In their own city.

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