Saturday, November 30, 2013

SOAR Summit to Put North Korean Propaganda to Shame

I'll tell you right now what's going to happen.  More than half of the "local resident" attendees will be pro-coal shills, fully paid for and carefully instructed by Big Coal to give the Golden Triangle media the entirely false impression that everybody east of Lexington just worships Big Coal and anybody who says otherwise is a commiehippieterristmuslinobamalover.

The results of this kabuki bullshit will be a list of resolutions closely resembling the following:

- git EPA out!
- Coal Is Our Future
- The Answer to All Our Problems is More Coal Jobs
- The Other Answer to All Our Problems Is Shutting Up Everyone Who Doesn't Agree That Coal Is Our Future.

But don't listen to me; watch it live yourself.

KET to broadcast and stream special, live coverage of SOAR Summit
Interviews with Gov. Steve Beshear and U.S. Rep. Harold “Hal” Rogers featured in KET coverage

Every Kentuckian will be able to access next month’s “SOAR: Shaping Our Appalachian Region” Summit, as KET broadcasts and streams live coverage of the Pikeville event to audiences statewide and worldwide.

Live coverage of the SOAR Summit airs on KETKY and at, beginning in the morning on Monday, Dec. 9, continuing with speeches and discussions from the main auditorium throughout the day.

That evening, KET presents a one-hour program with highlights from the Summit. Shaping Our Appalachian Region: SOAR Summit airs Monday, Dec. 9 at 8/7 p.m. on KET and at The program, hosted by Renee Shaw and Bill Goodman, includes excerpts from the SOAR Summit and a discussion with Gov. Steve Beshear and U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers.

Kentuckians watching KET are encouraged to participate in SOAR by following the latest updates through social media: “Like” the official SOAR Facebook page at and follow SOAR on Twitter @SOAR_EKY, using the hashtags #SOAR and #SOARSummit.

In October, Gov. Beshear, U.S. Rep. Rogers, Senate President Robert Stivers, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, and other leaders announced plans for the Summit, which will be focused on discussing the future success of southern and eastern Kentucky.

The event, which is free to the public, is open to those willing to share new ideas and recommendations about how to move Kentucky’s Appalachian region forward. The Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI), a national policy institute dedicated fostering solutions to the challenges facing rural regions, will facilitate discussions at the event, and other national agencies supporting the SOAR effort include the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and the Appalachian Regional Commission.

“Eastern Kentucky is a brilliant, storied region that enriches the fabric of our Commonwealth,” said Gov. Beshear. “Yet for several decades, the region has seen a decline in growth and development, hampered by a lack of infrastructure and other resources that communities need to grow and thrive. We know that government alone cannot solve these issues, and that is why Congressman Rogers and I are launching this summit – we believe that to make real progress in Eastern Kentucky, we need the input, collaboration and involvement from the people who live and work hard there every day.”

“We want folks to know that every voice will be heard at this summit, whether by submitting an idea electronically or through face-to-face interactions,” said U.S. Rep. Rogers.

“The SOAR Summit will provide an important platform for discussing Kentucky’s Appalachian region, and by broadcasting portions of the event live and then following up with Gov. Beshear and Rep. Rogers for an in-depth discussion, everyone across the state and beyond will be able to join the conversation taking place,” said Shae Hopkins, KET executive director and CEO.

As of November 26, more than 1,300 Kentuckians have signed up to attend the event.

KET is Kentucky’s largest classroom, serving more than one million people each week via television, online and mobile. Learn more about Kentucky’s preeminent public media organization on Twitter @KET and and at

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