Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How Corporate Capitalism is Killing Us Slowly

For decades, conservatives (and some self-proclaimed liberals, to their shame) made a living blaming everything wrong in America on communism. Anti-communist hysteria caused severe and permanent harm to the nation, not least by promoting the blind worship of capitalism and its resulting devastation.

Paul Buchheit at Nation of Change:

The process is gradual, insidious, lethal. It starts with financial stress in various forms, and then, according to growing evidence, leads to health problems and shorter lives.

Financial stress is brought upon us by the profit motive of capitalism, which offers little incentive to feed hungry children, to treat the sick, to secure us in retirement, to provide job opportunities for middle-class Americans. Some of the steps in the process are becoming more and more familiar to us.

1. Giving Half of Your 401(k) to the Banks

2. Watching 24,000,000 Children Go Hungry to Avoid Inconveniencing 20 Rich Individuals

3. Listening to the "Job Creators" Mock the Truth


4. Feeling the Debilitating Stress


The facts show that we were a relatively healthy people until unregulated free-market capitalism began to disrupt our lives. Now, because of its winner-take-all profit motive, we're literally fighting for our lives.
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