Thursday, November 14, 2013

Democratic Candidates Who Oppose Obamacare Lose Election

That's why Mitch McConnell is telling Alison Lundergan Grimes to run away from Obamacare - because that would be the final nail in her political coffin.

Thirty-four Blue Dogs, including ben chandler, ky-6, voted against Obamacare in 2009. All but 5 lost their seats to repugs in 2010.

That's a list of all the Democrats who voted against Obamacare in 2009.   Afterwards a number of them looked at the polls and decided they needed to spend more time with their families and "retired." Their seats were won by Republicans. Davis and Melancon decided to run for higher office (and lost.) Altmire and Holden lost their jobs through Democratic primaries in 2012 --- and voting against Obamacare was an issue in both campaigns. As for the rest, with the exception of Barrow, Lipinski, Matheson, McIntyre, and Peterson, every last one of the remaining Blue Dogs on that list lost his seat in 2010 to a Republican.  Voting against Obamacare didn't help them one little bit.  And voting against it again by going along with more GOP sabotage won't help any Democrats in 2014 either.

Democrats cannot run away from this. They shouldn't even try. In fact, if they're worried about keeping their seats they need to convince their constituents to hang in there and explain to them how the reforms will end up being a net plus for them in the long run. Every Democrat in the country has Obamacare wrapped around them very tightly whether they like it or not. So they'd better do everything in their power to make sure it works.
Of course, any Democratic candidate who is actually Democratic rather than repug-lite knows that the surest path to election is to oppose absolutely everything that comes from repugs and to do exactly the opposite of what repugs advise.
Figure Grimes to announce her eagerness to gut the Affordable Care Act by end of the day.

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