Friday, April 23, 2010

Help Expand Broadband Internet in Kentucky

How are the geniuses in Frankfort supposed to know where they need to expand broadband internet in Kentucky if you don't tell them?

They are actually asking, so take 30 seconds and send in this survey.

In February, 2010 Gov. Steve Beshear announced that Kentucky had been awarded a $2.1 million grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to map broadband availability to help plan for the expansion of Internet services in areas of the state that are currently unserved or underserved.

To meet the timelines and requirements of the grant program, the Finance and Administration Cabinet’s Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT), in association with Michael Baker Corporation, a nationally recognized engineering firm specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, has commissioned an online survey to collect data on home broadband accessibility.

“Creating the most accurate map of broadband availability is a vital step in bringing high-speed Internet access to all regions, citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth,” said Jonathan Miller, Finance and Administration Cabinet Secretary. “Broadband services are a critical tool in expanding economic development, public safety resources, our living standards and educational and healthcare opportunities.”

Homeowners and businesses are encouraged to take the survey which typically requires five minutes to complete. The data collected from the survey will enable the state to assess the impact of existing and future broadband investments and to ensure that households, businesses and organizations have the services and support that they need to be competitive and keep pace with technology.

The survey is strictly voluntary. The data collected will be used to supplement and validate broadband data collected from service providers, internet surveys and field surveys to determine locations across the state where broadband is unavailable or available only at low speeds.

Households may access the Broadband Availability Survey online at The link for businesses to participate in the survey is

Individuals who do not have broadband in their homes may complete the survey online at a remote location to indicate where they live and report why they do not have broadband access where they live.

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