Saturday, April 8, 2017

Welcome to Kentucky, Mahmoud.

Because of Centre College, Boyle County is relatively liberal.  I expect people there will put down any attempt to treat you with anything less than legendary Kentucky friendliness.

From the Danville Advocate-Messenger:

Her husband, Mahmoud Al Saloum, arrived safely at the Lexington airport after close to two years of attempting to get his visa. 

“Gosh, what didn’t happen since we last spoke,” Morris said the day before she was to pick up “Ma.” Her voice was light and lively; so much different from when we first spoke in January in order to get their story out. 

Her husband, whom she married in Ghana in 2014, had been attempting to get an immigrant visa since June 3, 2015, in order to move to Junction City to be with Morris and their son, Aiden. Just when they thought his time would come, an executive order was signed banning travel from certain Muslim countries. Although Saloum wasn’t living in any of those countries, because he’s Syrian, there was an even greater chance he may have never been approved. 

Morris says she’s been told to get an immigrant visa, the average wait-time is roughly 60 days.
“We’ve been back and forth, back and forth — so many times. They kept telling him to come back in a week, come back in another week, then another week …” Morris says. “We buckled down and just did all we could. Then, last week, they called him on Wednesday afternoon and said to be there Friday.”
 Click here for a photo of Mahmoud meeting his son.
From the Danville Advocate-Messenger:
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