Monday, April 17, 2017

The Resistance: E. KY Wins First Round Against Nazis

So the vicious motherfuckers won't be staining our beautiful Jenny Wiley State Park. But they're still planning rallies and protests.  Eastern Kentucky is ready for them.

Bill Estep at the Herald:

White nationalist groups no longer plan to use a Kentucky State Park in Floyd County for a meeting and training event on April 28, easing concerns about potential confrontations there.

However, the chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Matthew Heimbach, said the groups would instead hold the event on private property in the area.

The groups also still plan to showcase their ideas at a rally for “white working families” in downtown Pikeville on April 29.

Residents opposed to the groups’ ideology have planned a rally at the same time, a few blocks away, for people to “stand up for peace, diversity, and love and to stand AGAINST neo-Nazis,” according to the Facebook page for the event.

On another front, the advocacy group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is providing education about the groups, including how to counter their message with a positive vision for the state.


Floyd County Judge-Executive Ben Hale said he was glad the white nationalist groups won’t be meeting at the state park.

“These types of groups are not welcome by anybody in Floyd County,” Hale said. “I hope they don’t come east of the Mississippi.”

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