Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fuck You Very Much, Matt Bevin

HA!  Motherfucker backed down. 

From the Herald:

Lawyers for Kentucky's governor have halted efforts to shut down the state's last abortion clinic pending the outcome of a lawsuit aimed at preventing the closure.

The latest development came as lawyers for Gov. Matt Bevin and the Louisville clinic submitted an agreement to U.S. District Judge Greg Stivers, who had not yet signed it. In it, Bevin's administration agreed to renew the license for EMW Women's Surgical Center until the lawsuit is resolved.

"We are open providing the service, and people won't have to leave their community to get the rights the Supreme Court has determined they have," Donald L. Cox, an EMW lawyer, said Friday.
The ACLU of Kentucky is defending We The People on this one.  Donate to them here.

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