Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Did KY Repugs Fuck You Over This Year?

 Every anti-worker, pro-rich, corporatist, freakazoid, homophobic, misogynistic, unconstitutional way they could.

Tom Loftus at the Courier:

Charter schools
House Bill 520 will allow publicly funded charter schools to operate in Kentucky beginning next school year, although none are expected to begin operation until 2018-19. (All students who need extra help because of disability or poverty will be shunted into unfunded public schools.)

Education reform
Senate Bill 1 is a sweeping measure streamlining how students are taught and tested and how teachers are evaluated. It will give local schools more control over teacher evaluations and create a new way for intervening in low-performing schools that gives more authority to local school districts. (There is no end to the mischief this law allows: creationism, bibble inerrancy, forcing trans students to piss and shit themselves in class, encouraging students to harass and attack non-straight, muslim and/or immigrant students ... the horrors are endless.)

House Bill 1 prohibits membership in a labor union or payment of union dues as a condition of employment. (No, this law takes away the last protections workers have from wage-stealing employers.)

Prevailing wage repeal: House Bill 3 repeals a law that requires a regional prevailing wage rate be paid as a minimum for workers building public schools and other state or local public buildings. (Back to minimum wage, you workers!  Thanks to the above, your union is dead.)

Abortion: House Bill 2 requires doctors to display and describe the details of an ultrasound to a woman prior to an abortion procedure. Women can decline to look at the ultrasound image or listen to the fetal heartbeat if they choose. (This law mandates doctors commit object rape on their own patients.)

Abortion: Senate Bill 5 bans abortion beginning with the 20th week of a pregnancy. The prohibition does not apply when an abortion is needed to save the life or prevent serious risk of permanent bodily harm to the mother.

Planned Parenthood funding: Senate Bill 8 puts Planned Parenthood at the end of the line behind other health care providers for getting any federal family planning funds. (Are you a minimum-wage worker who needs a mammogram or a pap smear? Tough shit. Get back to work before your cancer metastasizes.)

Medical malpractice:  Senate Bill 4 will require that a panel of doctors review malpractice complaints before the complaint goes to court.  (Did your stoned-on-oxy surgeon cut off the wrong let?  Tough shit.  His doctor buddies will protect him from your lawsuit.)
And more.

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