Sunday, April 30, 2017

This Dem Candidate Should Be Challenging Massie Instead of Barr

C'mon, Lt. Colonel: Candy is a pushover.  Don't you want a challenge?  You grew up in the 4th District, the District that Thomas Massie is making into a national laughingstock for electing and re-electing him. Take him down.

From the Herald:

A combat fighter pilot who grew up in Northern Kentucky might run for U.S. Rep. Andy Barr’s seat, according to CNHI News

Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, a fighter pilot, former congressional aide and instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy has expressed interest in the race to Kentucky Democratic Party Chairwoman Sannie Overly.

“I can confirm that Col. McGrath is considering the race,” Overly told CNHI news. “I’m impressed with the caliber of the potential candidates, including Col. McGrath.”

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After flying 85 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, McGrath served as foreign policy adviser to U.S. Congresswoman Susan Davis, D-San Diego, according to CNHI news. 

“She has been a trailblazer,” Davis told CNHI news. “She is not intimidated, so being a woman in the Congress would not intimidate her. She’s had far more difficult assignments.”
Candy's a punk, but Massie's a motherfucker. Go get him, Colonel.

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