Saturday, April 29, 2017

Terrorist at Transy: White, Male, Conservative

No, the Orange Loser and Bevin aren't empowering right-wing terrorists at all.

Morgan Eads at the Herald:

A man has been arrested after a machete attack on Transylvania University’s campus that sent one woman to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. 

Mitchell W. Adkins, 19, of Cincinnati has been charged with first-degree and fourth-degree assault, and three counts of wanton endangerment, according to police. Adkins is a former Transy undergraduate student who withdrew in 2015, Transylvania spokeswoman Michele Gaither Sparks said.

The attacker walked into a coffee shop inside the Glenn Building on Friday morning, asked people their political affiliation, then went on the attack, one witness said. Adkins appears to have a history of publicly protesting what he considered the mistreatment of conservatives on college campuses.
To a repug student, Adkins said "you're safe."

Obviously a left-wing rioter in the pay of George Soros.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

False Flag obviously because- why would he broadcast his affliation? If only Alex Jones hasn't been waylaid by thatObama Judge he'd be all over this!!!1!

Yellow Dog said...

Great trolling! That sounds EXACTLY like the wingnuts denying their violent followers.