Monday, October 17, 2016

State Employee of the Year: Trans Pride FTW

Not for his courage in making his transition public, although here in the bibble belt that deserves its own prize, but for how and where and in whose face he did it.

Deborah Yetter at the Courier:

Meanwhile, he said he has filed more grievances with the cabinet over retaliation he alleges occurred after he filed his first complaint. Guy alleges he was given extra work assignments after he filed the complaint and criticized for wearing a T-shirt to work that read "This is what Trans looks like."

Guy said he believes his T-shirt upset supervisors because he wore it work on 
Wait for it.
the day Gov. Matt Bevin visited the office.
No, they won't dare fire him for filing grievance now.  They'll fire him for violating the dress code.

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