Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Answer Yes or No

Just one question for every repug candidate - for dog-catcher on up - who is seeking your vote:

"Do you support Donald Trump?  Yes or No."

Don't let him or her utter any other syllable.  Just "yes" or "no."

Because thanks to Donald Trump and the repugs and conservatives who created him as their perfect candidate over the last 40 years, that's the only question that means anything this year.

So, Rand Paul and Andy Barr and Hal Rogers and James Comer and Thomas Massie and Brett Guthrie: Yes or No?

All the repugs running for Kentucky house and state senate seats:  Yes or No?

Rob Rothenberger, a bought-and-paid-for repug in Shelby County:  Yes or No?

And just for shits and giggles, Governor Matt Violence-n-Lawbreakin' Bevin:  Yes or No?

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