Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fuck Outreach

They have the right to vote (though they would deny that right to everybody who doesn't look and think like them) and they have the right to say whatever they want (ditto.)
But they do not have the right to our toleration, forgiveness or acceptance.
They are trump voters and thus beyond the pale.

Sure, everyone has understandable grievances. It doesn't mean that Trump voters are sensible and responsible people deserving of the benefit of the doubt. We all hate traffic; we all hate paying taxes; we all think our voices aren't being heard by leadership; we all want more than we have; we all think presidential elections are too long. If we really want it, it's easy to find common ground between you and the worst of the worst. But why the hell would we want to find common ground with people who are inconvincible and completely destructive in their choices -- destructive to my life and yours? I'm sure there are sex offenders who get pissed off about long lines at the grocery store or, if they're civic-minded, they might hate gerrymandering. That doesn't mean they're worthy recipients of an olive branch.

I'll fully acknowledge that I have a deep and entrenched biases against Trump supporters. This includes the rednecks, the white suburbanites, the non-college educated laborers, the grandparents and various points between. Some are worse than others, of course. There are the racists, the woman-haters, the xenophobes, the Second Amendment Solutions people, and there are more than a few Trump people who simply want to watch the world burn. The thru-line that binds all of Trump's demographic subgroups is that they believe this third-world dictator-in-waiting is worthy of being president -- that he'll "make America great again." They're ebulliently voting for candidate knowing that he'll be a berzerker-in-chief, inciting havoc in everything he touches. 

They've listened to his words just like you have. They've heard him discussing the possibility of using nuclear weapons; they've heard him threaten war in Iran; they've heard him threaten journalists with lawsuits and imprisonment; they've heard him parrot many of Alex Jones' conspiratorial, exploitative gibberish; they've heard him accuse the first female nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, of not looking presidential because she's a woman; they've heard him play games with our democratic process, disrespecting it unlike anyone who's come before; they've heard him denigrate and insult POWs and war heroes; they've listened to all of it, and yet they're more convinced than ever that he'd be a great president. Worse, they've cheered for and repeated every last word of it.

They're completely deranged.

All told, they're willing to let millions upon millions of people die or lapse into poverty by electing the most dangerous candidate to ever make it this far. They're willing to sacrifice our democratic way of life without fully understanding the long term damage to the republic he's already manufactured.

We're supposed to seek communion with these horrible people?

This isn't just about racism or misogyny. This is about 40 percent of the voting public believing, in some cases as a matter of providence, that this unapologetically malevolent circus peanut, with all of his childish outbursts and catastrophically unpredictable psychoses, is the most qualified American to hold the office. It's a staggeringly bizarre point-of-view revealing a deep sickness among nearly half of all voters. It represents a willingness to hubristically embrace ignorance, incompetence and lies as political dogma. And knowing how many Americans and non-Americans alike will be irreparably harmed by the votes of these Trump supporters with whom we're supposed to find common ground, it's impossible to see any other course of action beside vigorously marginalizing them while working with reasonable members of both sides to return the process to the grown-ups.

Knowing what we know about Trump voters, there's no indication that they're willing to accept or reciprocate the outreach. It's wasted time. It's fighting that alt-right Twitter troll with the egg avatar and "Deplorable" in their handle. They're irredeemable, and they don't deserve your sympathy, especially knowing how they clearly don't give a shit that you'll lose your healthcare, or that you'll be forced to birth your rapist's baby. They don't care that your sons and daughters will be sent to fight an overseas war because the Shah of Whatever insulted Trump's tiny fingers. They don't care that merely by supporting Trump they've done severe damage to the rules and traditions that bind our constitutional system together. 

Some people are simply unworthy and disqualified from being taken seriously. It's both surprising and not surprising at all that certain lefties in the media and elsewhere believe they should be.

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