Tuesday, October 4, 2016

KY GOP Rejects Candidate for Racist Posts - wait, that can't be right.

OK, who are you and what have you done with the Kentucky Republican Party?

The Republican Party of Kentucky has asked a state House candidate to drop out of the race after he posted several photos on Facebook depicting President Barack Obama and the first lady as monkeys.

Republican Party of Kentucky chairman Mac Brown and House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover both signed the letter. It says while Dan Johnson has a First Amendment right to free speech, elected leaders "must hold ourselves and those with whom we serve to a higher standard."

"As leaders we are expected to not only understand our rights but also exercise good judgment in how we use them to express ourselves," Brown and Hoover wrote.

Johnson did not immediately return messages seeking comment. Johnson said Friday the posts were satire and that he would not drop out of the race.

The posts on Dan Johnson's Facebook page include a picture of a chimpanzee with the caption "Obama's baby picture" and a photo that had been altered to give Obama and his wife, Michelle, ape-like features. Johnson's page also displayed a photo of a young Ronald Reagan feeding a monkey with a bottle with the caption: "Rare photos of Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in early 1962." His page also included a post calling Islam a "criminal syndicate."

Johnson said Friday "I really don't think I've done anything as someone to be a racist."

Of course not.  Why would anyone think that?

Johnson is running against the Democratic incumbent Linda Belcher.  The GOP needs that seat if they are to have any chance of taking the state House from the Democratic party.

So who put Humanity Juice in Brown's and Hoover's bourbon?

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