Saturday, October 15, 2016

KY Supreme Court Reviews Criminalizing Poverty

The technical issue is whether Lexington's disgusting law banning panhandling violates the First Amendmebant protection of free speech. But the real issue is why we are turning poor people into criminals instead of, you know, lifting people out of poverty.

From the Herald:

Lexington’s controversial ordinance to ban panhandling should be declared unconstitutional because it singles out only one type of speech — begging on streets and intersections —and not others, such as selling Girl Scout cookies or performances by street musicians, a state public advocate told the Kentucky Supreme Court. But assistant Fayette County Attorney John Jason Rothrock told the state’s highest court that the ordinance is needed to protect the safety of pedestrians and and those in vehicles.
How do we lift people out of poverty? By giving them the money we now give to already filthy rich people.


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